July 14, 2008. It's hard to believe it has been one year since the passing of Dekenric "Devin" Wiley. We take this day to remember the fun, life and energy he brought to Flava Works!

July 14, 2007. A message from Flava Works, Inc founder, Phillip Bleicher:

With a heavy heart and great grief, I am reporting the death of our Vice-President Dekenric Wiley aka Devin, today July 14, 2007, from pneumonia.

Dekenric was the sun that brightened the day and kept the Flava Works family together during difficult times. We will truly miss his unselfishness and generous personality he shared with us all. We mourn with you a great friend and a great leader. Our condolences go to his family and friends and everyone Dekenric touched.

It's a huge loss for the Flava Works family. His legacy and memory will stay with us forever.

Dekenric Daniel Wiley, 1975-2007


Baby Boy, Devin, Ruff Ryder

Breion Diamond & Devin

Breion Diamond, Baby Boy and Devin

The gang @ the New York Gay Erotic Expo

Dekenric's Favorite Pose

Dekenric Sign guestbook

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Warren  14/07/10   04:48:26
Message I love you. You're influence on my life reflects the person you will always be in my heart. No words could ever describe the loss felt now that you're not here, but I truly believe that to be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord. You are deeply missed.


jverde  09/08/09   21:33:50
Message The date has become a blur. I do knaow that I just felt compelled to stop by and sya it out loud. I do so miss your presence. Not sad Crying or very sad Not happy Very happy But I just am

demetri peeples Visit demetri peeples's homepage  23/06/09   13:10:04
Message Question

juicy booty  19/05/09   21:15:01
Message do anybody know baby boys # Winking

Melinda  17/05/09   06:29:25
Message I met Dekenric back in High School. He was my first boyfriend and my first love. When we were together we had a good time. He is a very loving and kind hearted person. I sit and remember all the things we did together and all the fun we had, and am glad to have known him. We had lots of memories together that I will always cherish and have in my heart.

I will always love u... I miss u, but I know u r in a better place. You never lived for tomorrow u always lived for today.. Thank you for your love. Crying or very sad Crying or very sad

OCTAVION WEDNER  05/03/09   15:47:38
ALL WAYS Very happy

Dennis Frazier  13/02/09   17:17:07
Message Today was a very special day....My right arm is in Heaven resting peacefully....I miss you so much De.....Happy birthday! I love yo and miss u terribly!


Phillip Bleicher  12/02/09   17:58:06
Message Happy Birthday Dekenric!

Khalid  13/12/08   13:21:06
Message I am very sorry to hear what happened. I love Flava Works and I love Breion. I would love to meet the Flava family one day and share our losses. I love you D and you Breion!

Jay "Lyric_ali" N.  09/12/08   23:22:32
Message Hmmm....where can I start? Okay, I will say that I didn't have the pleasure to have known Devin but I can tell that he was was love oh so much. Seeing the support system that he had/has is really refreshing. I hope that when I go to meet my creator I get as much love as he did. When I found out about Devin's passing I was hit hard. I have lost a few of my friends and I know first hand that its not and never will be an easy thing to get over. Truth of the matter is that I don't think that we ever get over it. We just deal and carry on the best way we know how. I tend to carry the attitude that no day is promised and to never take anyone's presence for granted. I truely feel like everyone who writes on this page will take a little piece of Devin's spirit. Much love, respect, and honor to everyone keeping Devin's spirit alive and moving!


j  10/10/08   01:33:17
Message you are sexy

Sibongiseni  29/09/08   09:09:06
Message Crying or very sad Its very sad i have to say , he was the one of the hotest guys. In South Africa, Johannesburg we will not forget him may his soul rest in peace. It is now left for us what are we going to leave behind when we leave this earth. To all his Family, Frends and collics we hereby send our sympaty to you all may the power of the living God be with you at all times . Regards , Sibo

From the chi  10/09/08   06:59:42
Message Crying or very sadHe will be miss and he was loved by all he know here in Chicago, He set a stander here and help a lot of young brothers get in to the business, I just hope he's life and works r noyt in vein. He was cool down to earth he was at a lot of Chicago gay pride and that smile was one so stand up BLACK me and take controll of your life so he's works will not be in vain. We have a great life here and if you don't live your life some one will live it for you. He was young but he was a hard worker and a dreamer that is why we can today stalute him and Honor him on this day and days to cum. REMEMBER NOW WHAT YOU ARE HERE FOR AND DO IT LIVE!

Neo23  08/09/08   18:46:55
Message May the torn hearts of all who were touched by Dekenric, heal with the precious memories that he left you all with. My prayers go out to the family & friends....

chaz  12/08/08   02:01:08
Message you were a warm heart even in the time we had your in a better place ill see you soon love and thoughts

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